About us

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Our Mission

Leichtwerk AG is a highly specialized aircraft design organization with specific knowledge for high performance, moderate elastic aircraft. Back in 1996 the company was started by Dr. Reiner Kickert with the design of the world’s biggest sailplane, the ‘eta’. With a wing span of 30.1 m and a very slender wing with a width of just 60 cm. The aircraft had its maiden flight in July 2000 and is still today the biggest sailplane with the highest performance ever built.

In 2015 Leichtwerk AG started to design and prototype a High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) based on requirements from the telecommunication industry to enable area-wide high-capacity broadband coverage. For a certifiable aircraft that complies with all safety regulation a full eco-system from design and production to operation, maintenance and training is required. In 2020 Leichtwerk founded StratoRPAS GmbH as a special purpose vehicle to coordinate all activities for industrialization and marketing of the HAPS.

This website, organized by StratoRPAS GmbH, shall inform about HAPS systems, their technology, their world-wide impact on society and politics, what regulation is already in place or needs to be created and the technological opportunities further research can create.

Our proven technology will make these platforms available – we now want to enter into a discussion on the impact they will have.

Our mission is to connect everybody and everywhere, to open up opportunities and create a better understanding for people of different cultures on different continents.

We are happy to publish contributions from other parties to reflect a variety of opinions to further discover how communication services from the stratosphere can support the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and foster Human Development.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for further discussion at: haps-broadband@strato-rpas.de